The ‘Tale of Adanel’

What really happened to Men at their Dawn and what Shadow lies behind them is believed to be a mistery, and only a few wise, masters of tradition, still recollect it and refuse to share their knowledge because they presumably dread to go back to those dark memories and are greatly frightened to face this past.

Nonetheless, there is lore regarding the matter and this is, supposedly, what came to pass when Men first awoke.

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Armenelos the Golden

Golden Temple | art by ~FerdinandLadera

Referred to as The City of Kings, Armenelos was the capital and (in later years) the largest city of Númenor.


It was situated in eastern central Númenor, in the district called Arandor, the Kingsland, close to Meneltarma and the haven of Rómenna.

It was founded as far back as the end of the First Age, when the Edain first migrated to the island. Conceivably Arandor was the first district they settled after landing in a firth that later led to the haven of Rómenna.

Armenelos contained the royal palace, the King’s House, reportedly built with the help of the Maiar. Its finishing, together with the coronation of Elros in S.A. 32 marked the beginning of the Númenórean realm.


Helge Fauskanger has suggested that Armenelos is a Quenya name.

At early stages of writing, this city was called by other names:

  • Ar-Minalêth, an Adûnaic name (it is uncertain whether this name was deleted or not)
  • Númenos (also at first used of what became Númenor)
  • Númar or Nûmar (also at first used of what became Númenor)
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Yep, I very much like this.
art by ~FOBS
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Is it possible to make love to a song?

Because I think I just did to John Mayer’s Gravity performance at Rock in Rio 2013.

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OK tag, I did not need any visual aid. I sort of got the main idea plainly on my own, geez. *sobs*

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