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Battle of Osgiliath

Sauron’s attack on Osgiliath occurred on 20 June, T.A. 3018, and was later recognized as the beginning of the War of the Ring, for Sauron had two purposes in making this assault:

  • First, Sauron wished to test the strength and preparedness of Denethor (which was found to be greater than he hoped).
  • Second, Sauron’s other and greater purpose was to make the appearance of the Nazgûl seem to be only part of his war policy against Gondor, in order to conceal from the Wise their mission to hunt for the One Ring.

At the Council of ElrondBoromir recounted this battle as a sudden attack in which the men of Gondor were outnumbered by the forces of Mordor with their allies, the Easterlings and the Haradrim. However, he attributed Gondor’s defeat to a power that had not been felt before, issuing from a great black horseman. Only a remnant of Gondor’s eastern force survived.

The last bridge across the Anduin was defended by a company led by Boromir and Faramir until the structure was destroyed. Only the two brothers and two others survived by swimming.

After the eastern portion of Osgiliath was taken and the bridge broken, Sauron broke off the assault, ordering the Nazgûl to begin their search for the Ring.

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Biographical Information

Family and Physical Description

 was the fourth child of Fingolfin, First High King of the Ñoldor in Beleriand.


His mother was Anairë, and his brothers were Fingon and Turgon. He had an older sister, Aredhel.

His Quenya name was Arakáno (“High Commander”), named so partially for his impetuous character. Argon set foot on Middle-earth with his father and brothers, but he was killed during the Battle of the Lammoth. Argon distinguished himself during the fighting by hewing a path through his foes and slaying the captain of the Orcs.


Argon is the Sindarin name of Arakáno although he never used it. It was devised posthumously for him in the records. It is recorded that this later became a popular name under the Eldar.


Argon does not appear in the published Silmarillion at all, as he only came to light in very late writings by Tolkien. His character was developed as Tolkien devised the genealogies. At first he fell in the fighting at Alqualondë and then he perished while crossing the Helkaraxë before his death was set in the Battle of the Lammoth.

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Some Overlooked Facts in Middle-earth Canon


  • Marriage ceremonies were considered a courtesy rather than a necessity in Elvish culture. Instead, the Elves saw sex as the final step towards marriage. Ceremonies for Elvish couples were often skipped in times of hardship and war (Morgoth’s Ring - “Laws and Customs Among the Eldar”).
  • The Elves saw both sexes as equal and did not always conform to gender roles. Any profession or task could be pursued by any Elf regardless of whether they were male or female (Morgoth’s Ring - “Laws and Customs Among the Eldar”).
  • Many women in the Haladin of the First Age were warriors. Haleth, chieftain of the Haladin, had a hand-picked all-female bodyguard to protect her during her rule in Beleriand (The Peoples of Middle-earth - “Of Dwarves and Men”).
  • A large amount of the humans in the Folk of Bëor had darker skin than the norm of those inhabiting the north of Middle-earth, some being swarthy (The Peoples of Middle-earth - “Of Dwarves and Men”).
  • Not all of the Easterlings agreed with their allegiance with Sauron. When the Blue Wizards arrived in the far east during the Second Age, they helped the Easterlings opposed to the rule of Sauron start uprisings which greatly reduced the power of Sauron’s human allies even into the Third Age (The Peoples of Middle-earth - “Last Writings”).

Reblogging because these facts are quite relevant and not many people have knowledge of them.

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// More of my editions, the houses of the Edain of the first age, plus the houses of the Easterlings of Beleriand.

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